We are proud to serve the Twin cities and Blaine areas, so whether you’re here permanently or just passing through, stop by our conveniently located shop in Blaine, Minnesota for efficient semitrailer repair or repairs.


High-Quality Replacement Parts

Do you need to replace an older or broken part on your truck? Kolstad Company sources the best semitrailer parts at great prices. We carry over one million dollars’ worth of parts on-site, so you won’t have to wait while we order in your part. Our stock includes wires, terminals, brakes, lights, and much more. Call us today to see if we have the part you need.


Trained and Experienced Technicians

When your days are spent behind the wheel of a semi, reliable repairs are paramount. Our team of skilled technicians at Kolstad Company is equipped with the training and experience needed to prioritize your safety on the road. If your semitrailer encounters issues, rest assured that our experts are ready to efficiently and securely get you back on the road. Count on us for top-notch repairs that focus on your safety, ensuring a smooth journey ahead.


Comprehensive Services and Repairs

Our skilled mechanics are ready for any semitrailer repair. With a vast inventory of parts, we swiftly diagnose and solve problems, from air valves and brakes to roofs and doors. Count on us to keep your business rolling with efficient repairs and preventive services for a safe journey


Trustworthy Brands and Parts

If you are looking for a specific part, there is a good chance we have it in stock. We carry a wide variety of the most common and dependable brands, so if we can’t find the exact part you’re looking for, we can find you a suitable replacement. We only carry parts we know are reliable, so you can trust them to keep your truck running smoothly.




We’ll Diagnose Your Issue

For on-the-road semitrailer breakdowns, our specialized mechanics swiftly identify and resolve issues. With expertise in semitrailer repair and maintenance, we tackle problems efficiently and offer preventive solutions through regular maintenance.


We’ll Find You a Solution

Once the issue is identified, we promptly provide and apply a solution to get you back on the road swiftly. With a vast inventory of semitrailer parts, we eliminate the need for extended waiting times. For a reliable and efficient repair, choose Kolstad Company—we’ve got you covered.